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What you expect from us is not a non-binding best guess, but solid and reliable legal advice for whose correctness we are personally liable to you. That is why we carefully examine your case, explain our advice and findings in very clear language whilst consistently representing your best interests. This professional approach has its price.

Unless the client and the attorney agree otherwise, the fees for attorneys in Germany shall be governed by the Lawyers' Compensation Law (RVG, formerly called BRAGO) and the associated fee tables. In relatoin to Court proceedings, parties cannot agree to any lower fees other than the RVG allowance (prohibition of fees).

The RVG is based on the value of the subject matter, and not on the actual amount of hours incurred by the attorney. In this regard, a high fee can be incurred despite the attorney not actually having worked a huge amount of hours on the matter. On the other hand, it can be the case that there is a huge amount of paperwork to review and the case is very complex but only a low fee is paid due to the low object value of the claim as is set by RVG. 

As a general rule, we will therefore suggest that you agree on a time schedule. This is customary in established law firms and is, according to our conviction, the most fair solution, since the legal activity is settled according to the actual expenses. The hourly rates of our attorneys range from €300 net for Partners and €140 net for employed lawyers, plus disbursements and VAT. In the case of cross-border cases (for example, the processing of German-British inheritance cases), the usual minimum hourly rate is €250 Euro net. The fee agreement is available for download in the section "Forms".

In relation to our corporate services, we are always happy to talk about package solutions or flat-rate agreements with companies that need solid economic advice but also have financial restrictions. 
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